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B.Sc in Computer Science

Build your Computer Science career with a globally recognised industry approved qualification. Learn from the best instructors with modern, research-backed learning techniques.

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You've chosen Computer Science. Our goal is to give you the best possible experience.

Hamming College is fully committed to bringing rigorous Computer Science education into an environment where learning can be accessible. Because we are online, we can select the best professors from around the world. We commit to having no bad instructors!

Hamming College uses Flipped Learning, where engaging asynchronous class materials will prepare you for in-depth discussions directly with your professors and classmates.

Learn from First Hand Experts

Computer Science is a unique subject area because many foundational contributors remain active in academia and in the industry. For example, the ubiqitous BASH Shell was authored by our instructor, Brian Fox. Learn first-hand the thinking behind this sustaining human-computer UI.

Async Learning

Research has proven learning increases with the comfort of digesting material at one's own pace. We've embraced the best tactics of learning, where you will have access to high-quality produced courses that have all the substance you need to learn your class material.

Passionate Teachers

Our real-time classes are taught by professors that put teaching first. We believe that your time is valuable and you deserve teachers that want to be teaching.

Study Anywhere

COVID has shown that online teaching can be just as effective as on-campus learning. LearnEnough has proven time and time again that remote learning works, so we'd like to introduce Michael Hartl as an advisor to Hamming College.

Your University Curriculum

Your B.Sc in Computer Science is accredited by Woolf University. It covers everything you need to become an active contributor in the industry or as a research Computer Scientist.

Review our first year syllabus:


Web Foundations

This course provides a foundation in building for the web. It helps students understand how the internet works, examines the role of the internet in their lives, and teaches them the basics of web development. The course prepares students for the advanced course in Web Application Development.


Programming 1

The course helps students develop an appreciation for programming as a problem-solving tool. It teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently, and serves as the foundation for further computer science studies.


Mathematical Thinking

This course helps students develop the ability to think logically and mathematically. It prepares students for more advanced courses in algorithms and discrete mathematics. An emphasis is placed on the ability to reason logically, and effectively communicate mathematical arguments.


Collaborating for Impact

Collaborating for Impact aims to support students in developing effective collaboration skills in the pursuit of collective impact and success. Few problems are solved by individuals working alone, therefore the ability to work effectively with others to achieve a common goal is a crucial professional skill.


Communicating for Success

The course will focus on close reading, written communication, verbal communication, and non-verbal communication skills. An emphasis will be placed on weekly submissions, and peer and instructor feedback, to allow students to practice and improve their skills.


Programming 2

Students learn to use Regular Expressions, a powerful tool for finding and extracting data from string and other data types. They are introduced to modern web protocols, and learn how to retrieve data from web services using Python and JSON, and how to access and parse data in XML. Students learn the basics of working with databases and the relationships between databases. They learn how to write queries in SQL.


Web Application Development

In this project-based course, students will work independently to build a web application, and progressively apply new knowledge to their application. Students deepen their knowledge of HTML and learn advanced CSS, including how to use CSS variables and modern frameworks for motion and interaction.


Optimizing Your Learning

In the modern world, long-term academic, professional, and personal success is driven by the ability of individuals to take control of their learning. Therefore, this course helps students to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to take ownership of their learning.

University Accredited

The Hamming College is accredited by Woolf University. Woolf University is a world-class, globally recognized & transferable higher education.

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Start date

Sep 19th, 2022

Application deadline

Sep 1st, 2022






3 yrs FT / 6 yrs PT

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Contact hours

12 hrs p/wk

Study hours

35/40 hrs p/wk

To join Hamming...

All you need is:

A passion for Computer Science and coding.

To be a self starter and a knowledge seeker

To join Hamming...

You don't need:

A strong maths background

An academic certificate from High School

Key Lecturers

Learn from the best

Our key speakers are industry legends. They are the founding figures in the technology space and key contributors to Computer Science.


Brian Fox

Creator of BASH

First Employee Free Software Foundation


James Whelton

CoderDojo Founder

Governance Member, Raspberry PI


Barb Oakley

Author of Learning How to Learn

Educator Extraordinaire


SoonHin Khor

Senior Software Engineer at MetricFire

Ph.D., Internet, Security, Information Technology

Lecturers from companies such as


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